A Fishing Family

Frederick McGrew Rice AKA "McGrew". A sixth generation Scottish American born and raised in Hawaii. The RICE family came to the Islands in 1838 as missionaries. His family has been involved in ranching and fishing all of our lives. His Grandfather "Oskie" fished as an angler in the International Billfish Tournament in the 1950's & 60's. His father Freddie bought his first Charter boat in Kona in 1968 and McGrew caught his first marlin with him when he was 9 years old. He grew up cattle ranching and fishing and chose fishing as his full time profession. He worked as a crewman through high school and on week-ends and vacations. He was hired to travel to Australia, New Zealand and Tahiti to fish tournaments for his clients in the 80's. He started to work for his father in 1986 on the "Ihu Nui" as a crewman and part time Captain and when his father retired in 1991 I became the Captain of the "Ihu Nui" and has been fishing on the waters of the Kona Coast to this day!